Cushinstown 0 - 3 Adamstown A.F.C.

Cushinstown lose to Adamstown A.F.C..
Cushinstown were beaten at home by Adamstown A.F.C. at Cushinstown U13+ at 11 am

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

This competition head to head
06/04/19 11 amCushinstown03Adamstown A.F.C.Cushinstown U13+

Club Fixture History
01/02/20 12 pmAdamstown A.F.C.51CushinstownU13 Div 3 (2007)
09/07/19Adamstown A.F.C.10CushinstownU11 Div 2A
Cushinstown01Adamstown A.F.C.U11 Div 2A

Recent Results in this competition
06/04/19 11 amCushinstown03Adamstown A.F.C.
Adamstown A.F.C.
06/04/19 11 amCushinstown03Adamstown A.F.C.
03/07/19 7 pmGorey Rangers81Adamstown A.F.C.

CushinstownAdamstown A.F.C.