1. Privacy Policy Statement

1.1 The Dublin & District Schoolboys League (DDSL) are strongly committed to safeguarding visitors' privacy on the website. In general you can visit the website without identifying yourself and the Dublin & District Schoolboys League (DDSL) will not collect any personal information about you on our website without your clear permission.

1.2 The Dublin & District Schoolboys League (DDSL) operates a strict ethical policy and code of best practice to ensure that any information collected is used by the Dublin & District Schoolboys League (DDSL) solely for the purposes for which it is intended and will not be added to a mailing list nor made available, sold, rented, or commercialized to any third parties for any reason. Personally identifiable information volunteered by visitors, newsletter or email subscribers or any web forms requiring personal data related to league or event registrations are never disclosed to any individual, business or other third party unless required by law.

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