COUNTY TRIALS Season 2019/20

Keep up to date with all the information regarding trials for County teams for the Wexford and District Schoolboys league

Season 2019-2020

U11 (2009) Manager - Emmet Byrne

U12 (2008) Manager - John Fanning

U13 (2007) Manager - Tommy Byrne

U14 (2006) Manager - Simon Barnes

U15 (2005) Manager - Sean Keane

U16 (2004) Manager - Yvonne McGrath



The following players have been selected for the U13 County ETP squad.

Conor Burke, Tom Funge, Caleb Whitty, Jack Conneely, James Kirby, Filip Wasilewski, Kaylem Hartnett, Jan Wozniak, Cormac Kinsella, Alex Carton, Noah James, Oscar Ramsey, Darren Rossiter, Killian Brennan, Troy Sinnott, Ben Harpur, Ben Long, Charlie Conway, Cian O Dowd, Haydon McCarthy.

The management would like to thank all players and parents who attended the trials.

U11 (2009) ETP County Trials

Trials for under 11 {2009} will commence on weekending 5th-6th of October.

Anyone wishing to register for Wexford under 11 trials (2009) please email the following address, clearly stating, Name, Club, Date of Birth, Position.

Cut off time for applicants is 9pm on Thursday the 26th of September.Players will be contacted directly with a time and venue, after the 2nd of October.

Emmett Byrne Manager, Eileen Mullett Administrator.


Registration is now closed for u12 county trials.

Registered players will be contacted by email with dates. Trials are expected to take place on late September/early October. Dates to be confirmed


Players are invited to register for upcoming trials which will be held on Sunday 15th September. Venue to be confirmed.

Please email (before Thursday 12th September), with the following information

Player Name:


Date of birth:

Two favourite positions:

Email to be sent before Thursday 12th September

Yvonne McGrath, Manager



Goalkeepers: Nathan Roche (Forth Celtic), Shane Carroll (Coarch Ramblers), Gergo Vince Bajcsi (Gorey Rangers).

Defenders: Jamie Lyng (New Ross Town), Evan Harpur (Gorey Rangers), Cillian Cullen (Corach Ramblers), Max Meegan (Gorey Rangers), Lee O Neill (New Ross Town), Ciaran Murphy (Bridge Rovers), Evan Cullen (Bridge Rovers).

Midfielders: Ruairi Martin (Gorey Rangers), Niall Mooney (New Ross Town), Ryan Gavin (North End United), Jesse Dempsey (Wexford Albion), Cian Levinsgstone (Gorey Rangers), Jack Lewis McNamara (Forth Celtic), Cathal Sheehan (New Ross Town), James Murray (Gorey Rangers).

Forwards: Tim Ivers (Gorey Rangers), Bobby Katus (New Ross Town), Cathal O Brien (Gorey Rangers) Jakub Wasilewski (Wexford Albion).


County U12 ETP Trials (Players born 2008)

Players are invited to register for upcoming trials which will be held early September.

Please email (before 30th August at 6pm), with the following information

Player Name:


Date of birth:

Two favourite positions:

Email to be sent before 30th August at 6pm

John Fanning, Manager 087-4491208



Sunday 25th August 2019

Venue: Adamstown FC

Goalkeepers Session: 4pm until 5.00

Full Squad arrive at 4.30.

Session Commencing at 4.45.

Goalkeepers: Nathan Roche (Forth Cetlic), Gergo Vince Bajcsi (Gorey Rangers), Shane Carroll (Corach Ramblers).

Defenders: Jamie Lyng (New Ross Town), Kian Murphy (Enniscorthy Town), Jesse Dempsey (Wexford Ablion), Max Meegan (Gorey Rangers), Cillan Cullen (Coarch Ramblers), Lee O'Neill (New Ross Town), Evan Harper (Gorey Rangers), Evan Cullen (Bridge Rovers), Jake Gilshinan (Forth Celtic), Ciaran Murphy (Bridge Rovers).

Midfielders: Ruirai Martin (Gorey Rangers), Niall Mooney (New Ross Town), Ryan Gavin (North End), Brandon Roche (Wexford Albion), Kyle Delaney (Moyne Rangers), Jack McNamara (Forth Celtic), Cathal Sheehan (New Ross Town), Lee Kennedy (Forth Celtic), Cian Levinsgtone (Gorey Rangers), James Murray (Gorey Rangers).

Stiker: Bobby Katus (New Ross Town), Cathal O Brien (Gorey Rangers), Tim Ivers (Gorey Rangers), Jakub Wasilews (Wexford Ablion), Padraig Wafer (Gorey Rangers).



County Trials for U13 (Players born in 2007) will be held shortly.

Could the following details be emailed to name:


Date of birth:

Parents name and contact number:

Players preferred playing position.

Looking forward to seeing you

Manager is Tommy Byrne.



The following are the players who have made it through to the final trial for county u15s.

We would like to thank all those players who took part in 1st trial but didn’t make it through, best of luck for the future.

The players that did make it through to final trial will be contacted in next 24 hrs with details of final trial this weekend coming.

Cillian Cullen (Corach), Bobby Reville (Forth Celtic), Evan Cullen (Bridge Rvs), Jesse Dempsey (Wex Albion), Gergo Vince Bajcsi (Gorey Rgs), Niall Mooney (NRoss Town) Brandon Roche (Forth Cel), Evan Harpur (Gorey Rgs), Lee O Neill (NRoss Town), Kian Murphy (Enniscorthy Town ), Conor Mullan (Forth Cel), DJ Cullen (St Josephs), Ruairi Martin (Gorey Rgs), James Kenny (Gorey Rgs), Reece O Donnell (Gorey Rgs), Jack Lewis McNamara (Forth Cel), Jamie lyng (NRoss Town ), Ciaran Murphy (Bridge Rvs), Kyle Delaney (Moyne Rgs), Dylan Browne (Moyne Rgs), Ryan McCarthyy (Moyne Rgs), Cian O Connor (Shamrock Rvs), Ryan Gavin (N End) Cian Levinston (Gorey Rgs), Cathal Sheen (NRoss Town), Ben White (Forth Cel), James Murray (Gorey Rgs), Bobby Katus (NRoss Town), Cathal O Brien (Gorey Rgs) Jakub Wasilewski (Wex Albion), Tim Ivers (Gorey Rgs), Jake Gilshinan (Forth Cel) Nathan Roche (Forth Cel) Max Meegan (Gorey Rgs) Jay Hogan (Shamrock Rvs).



Trials for the WDSL County u15 team will take place on Sunday August 11th 2019 Players born in 2005 are eligible only

Please submit the following by e mail only – deadline is August 8th @ 6pm Players full name:

Date of birth:

Players Club Name:

Parent contact phone number

Preferred position 1

Preferred position 2

Please e-mail to - wexu15@outlook.ieAny other queries please ring Manager Sean on 0872792174

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